More for Gaslighting Verity. Album Cover for latest release "Exit to truth". 
Gaslighting Verity's new album "Exit to Truth" is a powerful and raw collection of songs that delves deep into basic human issues with unflinching honesty. The album embraces a harder sound, delivering a raw and intense musical experience. Gaslighting Verity fearlessly explores themes such as love, loss, self-discovery, and the complexities of human relationships. With thought-provoking lyrics and captivating melodies, "Exit to Truth" invites listeners to confront their own emotions and reflect on the universal experiences that shape our lives. This album is a testament to Gaslighting Verity's artistic growth and their commitment to creating music that resonates with the human experience.
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Album Cover
Album Cover
Gaslighting Verity is a versatile indie folk rock band known for their raw and emotional lyrics, haunting melodies, and dynamic stage presence. Formed only a minimal moment into the future , The band has quickly gained a loyal following with their unique and authentic  sound that blends elements of alternative folk, trance and grunge. Gaslighting Verity's music is often described as introspective and cathartic, exploring themes of truth, lies, love, hate, and self-discovery. With their energetic live performances and authentic storytelling, Gaslighting Verity continues to captivate audiences and establish themselves as a rising force in the indie instrumental folk rock scene. 
Poster series for a music event
Development of a typography poster from raw (right) to adjusted for print (left) 
Attribution: Vector Graphics by pch.vector on Freepik - Thank you!
I am currently playing around with a lot of ways to approach designing a message. This one does not claim to be any good but what I like about it that it comes from an analogue process of printing. I cut a template of both the graphic and and the typography and then used a gelli plate to print. It sure is easier to just use a programme but I like both the actual process, the ink on my hands and the slightly unpredictable result, the roughness and slight mess in the outcome. A bit more how real life appears to  be. 
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