- Honestly cannot remember when I first picked up a camera or which one it was.
- Spent much of my school time in arts and creativity.
- Testing paper's proverbial patience since I can hold a pen.
- Married my favorite pen pal (paper letters, 2 weeks mailing time...) after he took me down a       steep hill on the crossbar of his blue bike. More pen and paper here ...
- Tried to get through the "yiddle-dee-day-dee-ya" Irish "trad music" at a fleadh cheoil in   Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. All that was left were the melodies that I can never get out of my head.
- Count me lucky to see "world's one and only Shane McGowan and the Pogues" at the Olympia   Theatre, Dublin and the Point Depot, Dublin.
- Crossed Wicklow Mountains in total darkness and heavy snowstorm in a tiny Nissan Micra with   no snow chains or anything on one of the absolutely rare occasions of snow in Ireland.   (Fortunately, it wasn't until days later, in broad daylight, that I realized where the road had been   and where it hadn't.)
- Moved across the islands to the mainland in the same Micra. All my belongings in this car -   from pan to bed covers, packed so high that the rear-view mirror was useless.
- Walked along the lava flow of Mount Etna, Sicily.
- Climbed a secret staircase at "Cobblestone, Smithfield Market, Dublin" to enjoy a "private   session" with Christy Moore.
- Let the harsh Norwegian winds rush through my hair and soul at Lindesnes Fyr and visited     many other Nordic locations. Always happy to go back there.
- Missed The Fat Rat's appearance at ESL One, Hamburg 2019 by a hair's breadth after watching   the inaugural Clash of Clans World Championships live. 
- Blessed with a wonderful husband, two amazing sons and amazing friends.

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