Currently days are like one egg to the other. And even the prospect of easter does not seem to change the picture. Days of celebration still happen in the same place, seem not really to distinguish themselves from all the other days. The spring celebrations going back centuries were always about the sprouting, new life. Fertility, hope and the days to come. Seeds were sown and throughout the year's circle that seed grew, ripened and eventually was harvested. Maybe the days do not actually equal one another, maybe they are quite distinct only we have lost the ability to see the special in each day. Our focus is on numbers, performance, goals. We are hoping for the new normal to return and what we mean is that we return to all the busy activities we were used to: shopping, entertaining, travelling. We are sitting in our boxes, which through electricity and central heating have become the same, every hour of every day. But outside each day is a new day, each day has a new face. A different way of seizing the day is required.
First time in a long time and I took some shots. The shells had been around for a while. I dipped them in acrylics. A different way of painting easter eggs. Just played around with them for a while, simply trying to get different shots. This is more like a sketch and I am not sure what may become of this but I find the idea around walking on eggshells somewhat interesting. Might expand on that. There is a lot of clean up on these since I must admit I did not pay so much attention to the details. Just enjoyed the actual process. So here is a contact sheet of shells. Doing something like this at least makes the day somewhat different and gives a certain sense of satisfaction. What will you create today? What materials will you experiment with? Have fun, go out and play.
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