There is always a why. Even when we do not realize it. Or when we would rather not believe it. Sometimes it might be easier to attest the actions to some random and chaotic happening and not to a premeditated why. In those cases the premeditation might have happened not so much in a head but in a soul or the subconscious. But the why is there. You might find it ugly. You might struggle to understand. But it certainly is there. It might even hide from you or flee when you start to see it. Sometimes the why does not really want to be seen. Or the why's owner would like you not to see it. Sometimes they cannot help it. Sometimes they pick the most ridiculous why. Sometimes they do not pick it but simply accept that the why comes and sits with them. Sometimes that why turns into a question.
You would expect a why here. A why am I doing this? Why am I trying to tell you something.
Simple thing really - I have pictures and I have words as a way of expressing myself, as putting myself "out there". That is really what I am trying to do here on this website. Words and pictures.
It is a way of reaching out and communicating too. Maybe you enjoy them. Or are totally annoyed with them. But hopefully they will trigger something. Since what brought them here was triggered by something else.
Enjoy - or walk away.
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