And while we want to be more accepting, more including we have ever more tags and labels than we ever did. why do we need more of those to differentiate between possibilities in an effort to accept them all. can we not rather simplify and boil it down to the quintessential core of things and then we would only have to embrace the one?
I guess that would mean letting go of some of our freedoms. or some of the things we nowadays define as freedom.
Does freedom of thought, conscience and religion require to constantly express this right without seize through mere empty shells of words we picked up along the way, tossed away by others who came up with better ones for fear of if fading into nothingness if we simply made use of it and actively indulged in thinking our own thoughts, excercised our conscience and practiced our religion?  
Does freedom of opinion and expression require us to form an opinion on everything and anything which may or may not be happening around us in the world, are we required to pour our opionion on our fellow human beings like a constant stream of some sticky, foul smelling goo every single day?
Is it not an excellent freedom to count ourselves as one part(icle) of human kind, living and letting live, keeping our thoughts to ourselves, having our way with our God or having no way at all, forming opinions on what is close to our hearts and voicing these in a way that actually has an impact other than the constant clatter and white noise of those streams of voices seeking expression of their opinion in idiotic and never-seizing way?
Calm down, switch off the noise, hear the stillness, engage with yourself and those around you in a meaningful heart-felt way. you will most likely make this world a much better place in the quiet excercise of your freedoms.
Enjoy - and be free.

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