The expression "Life in tabs" came up in a conversation this morning. How many of us have experienced life in tabs over the past years. "Months" would have felt better but the reality at this stage is "years".
I am bad for having a load of tabs open on my computer and sometimes it leaves me looking for the one with the meeting and the other people. Funny enough, they also look for that very one tab.
A very simple writing excercise took me from describing my morning to the story of a man joining an online meeting with his team, as they have done so many times before. Only this time one of their own gets up and walks away from the screen, leaving an empty seat and some living room in the background. I have my own spin-off from that point and since I do cherish it, I will actually not share at this point but just think about the possibilities here. He could just go to the restroom. He could go and get a coffee, headphone still on, still following the meetings narrative. Or he could quit and go for a run in the park because he is tired of living in tabs.
What would your imgination lead you to?
Enjoy - or leave the tab :)
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