You approach it and the steel-wire spider legs wrap themselves around your view. You climb and ahead of you is road, beside you crash barrier, looming ahead steel girders, stretching overhead steel wires and stretching beyond a cloudy sky. You enter this tent of ropes. Lines coming down, cutting the cloudy sky into slices. Moving forward the view opens up to more steel stuctures, huge cranes lifting millions of tons of consumer goods from far off places so that we can live our lives the way we're comfortable & used to. 
The size of things in  Hamburg Port always amazes me. The rawness, the dirt, the grit. There is a certain beauty to it. 
In 2021 there was 7.7 million TEU of loaded and 1.0 million TEU of empty containers moved in Hamburg Port* (TEU = Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit). All this thanks to the tons of steel and concrete, the millions of gallons of fuel and the hard work the Dockers are carrying out every single day. 

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